Standing Committee on Highways (SCOH) OVERVIEW

AASHTO's Standing Committee on Highways (SCOH) is the foundation for the AASHTO transportation family – AASHTO started as a highways and roads association back in 1914. Today SCOH provides and represents the technical expertise of AASHTO. SCOH manages the development of policies, guidelines, standards, and publications that are not only recognized by our members, but also by many countries worldwide.

Each member Department of Transportation (DOT) – the 50 States, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia are entitled to a seat on this standing committee. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the member DOT assigns a representative, who is most often the DOT's Chief Engineer. The committee officers include the chair, vice-chair, secretary, and AASHTO liaison. The voting members total 52.

SCOH meets twice each year, at the AASHTO Annual Meeting and the AASHTO Spring Meeting. Its subcommittees, task forces, and other special groups largely do the committee's extensive work and report activities to the standing committee officers and voting members. The members of SCOH - the chief engineers - oversee the business and work of SCOH's other committees.

The dedication to improving our highways' design, construction, maintenance, operations, standards, traffic devices, and materials is shown in the shared goals and activities of SCOH and its subgroups. Examples of the committee's extensive work include active participation in many areas that include the development of guidelines for design, product evaluation, specification standards for construction and maintenance, security and more.
SCOH Strategic Plan: SCOHSP Strategic Plan 2010-2014.pdf 
Summary of Rules for Assigning Professional Development Hours (PDHs)If you attended a SCOH subcommittee, task force, technical committee meeting that provides PDH certificates or want information about professional development hours certificates, please select one of the following contact the AASHTO Liaison responsible for the meeting. AASHTO Staff Listing.